If you are going to encourage someone, say it loud and clear.

I hadn’t seen Amie in weeks, but we were able to see each other a few minutes during our lunch break to sit down together over a cup of coffee to talk about how it was for her to be out of school and able to use her new nursing skills.

Then she turned to me and asked: “And how is it going at your place.”

“Me? My job?”

I had been beginning to wonder the same thing – How was my job going? Like – was I in the right place? I had been keeping the books for a couple of small businesses a few miles away for 3 years now. Once a week, in the evening I thought I might enliven my life a little by joining the Toastmasters – they do a communication and leadership thing that has helped me get over my fear of talking in front of people. I’m becoming much more confident of what I can do and what I can do very well. I’m beginning to think that I’ve been going in the wrong direction.

Have you ever felt that way?

“Nope! My mother knew, my father knew, my teachers knew and I knew I wanted to be a nurse when I was 9. All had taken their medicine and recovered from my treatment by then.”

Did you ever hear that horror story about the guy who burst out in song that night in high school after we were celebrating beating Amherst in the playoffs? Well, the headline in the sports section of the loosing team’s hometown newspaper the next day read: “John Smith’s voice could be heard mooing like some sick cow, celebrating his touchdown. Hope we never have to hear that voice again!”

Well, they didn’t. John never sang again, nor did he hum.

Like it or not – We find out about most of our skills/talents/gifts early on. First through our parents, then our sibs, then our relatives try to tell us who we are.

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