If you pray for wisdom
I want you to recognize it when it comes.
You all have your own unique character and qualities,
As do the musical instruments.
Each have their own character, quality, and tone.
You will be gifted according to my plan
In accord with your own individuality.
To one may be given a booming loud noise,
To another a sweet refrain,
To some a clear cut, straight forward sound
For each is called and gifted for my mission.
You will receive the wisdom that will be pleasing
To the ears of those who hear my song.

2 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. Beautiful. Simply exquisite words. This book as reflected in the above titled “Wisdom”, reminds me of the work of Hafiz, the Famous Persian poet from long ago.. The same adoration of God. The same uplifting of spirit. Thank you.

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