The Author

What is this book about? After wondering about this myself for many years. I offer this possibility: God loves us so much He wants to have a closer relationship with us; He wants to teach us how to pray. Most of us have a pattern to our prayer; we worship, praise, intercede for others, and ask for our own needs. We do not expect and therefore rarely receive answers to our prayers. The lesson: He reminds us that relationships begin and develop, through communication or dialogue with one another —one talks, the other listens, the other talks, and the first listens. We seem to have developed the habit of one person (us) doing all the talking, then assuming the conversation is over because we do not recognize His response (which may be direct, through others, or through circumstance). Dialogue and relationship develop when we begin to listen and expect a response. When received, our answer is in our active response to His guidance and direction.

Dr. Nix, author of the book, The Holy Spirit Calling: A 40-Year Journey with the Holy Spirit, has been a Catholic Lay Minister for the past 28 years. She Dr. Nix has been a member of Chaminade-Nativity Community of Faith since 1974, currently serving on the Pastoral Team. She is the mother of 5 and has been working professionally as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) for the past 43 years in the field of mental health. Educationally Dr. Nix has earned Master’s degrees in Social Work and Religious Studies as well as a Doctorate in Social Work.